Wholesale Garment Purchase for Shops

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Where can i purchase wholesale clothing?

You can purchase wholesale clothing garments from Pettah and Pamunuwa, Maharagama or directly from a garment factory. The Pamunuwa wholesale market starts at around 5 am, where you can buy clothing items at very low prices. In addition, there are wholesale shops in Pamunuwa, though they are slightly more expensive compared to the morning market.

If you wish to buy directly from a garment factory, it’s important to note that most garment factories specialize in specific items. For instance, one factory might produce only blouses, another only pants, and yet another only shirts. Therefore, to maintain a diverse inventory, you will likely need to work with multiple factories.

Be aware that the exact same design can vary in price from factory to factory and shop to shop. Additionally, some designs produced by factories have higher selling potential, while others may not attract much customer interest.

Will lowest price boost sales?

If you visit areas like Pamunuwa or Pettah, you’ll notice clothing items being sold on the pavement at very low prices. However, not everyone stops to buy them. This is because people are often inspired by the design rather than just the price. People prefer to buy attractive designs at reasonable prices. If your shop offers eye-catching designs, even at slightly higher prices, customers are more likely to purchase them because they love the design.

Therefore, it’s not just about offering items at low prices; it’s about providing designs that people find appealing at reasonable prices. This approach will attract more customers and increase sales.

How to select designs?

When selecting designs for your shop, it is important to consider the preferences of your target audience based on your location. For instance, if your shop is located in Colombo, the younger generation often prefers wearing crop tops, shorts, and similar trendy outfits. However, in more rural areas, these items may not sell as well. Instead, frocks and salwars tend to have higher selling potential.

Nonetheless, it is wise to keep a small stock of trendy items like crop tops and shorts because some customers might inquire about them. It’s not ideal to respond with a lack of availability when there is a demand.

Stock a variety of designs but in smaller quantities, such as 12 pieces per design. This approach ensures that you can offer different colors and sizes to meet customer preferences. Common customer questions include, “Do you have different colors in this design?” or “Do you have this design in XL size?” Having diverse options can help you cater to these inquiries effectively.

Additionally, ensure you keep a good stock of essential items like underwear, skinnies, bras (such as Bobby and Senorita), sanitary towels, baby products (like Velona Cuddles), and menstrual cups. These are consistently in high demand and are important to have readily available.

By tailoring your stock to the needs of your customers and ensuring a variety of options, you can enhance customer satisfaction and increase sales.

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