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Track most selling design in your shop

If you create a POS software to your shop tell your developer to add design tracking programme. It will help you to re-order most hot selling items and keep more fast selling items in your shop.

Track most fast selling item in your shop

Why Does the Same Item Vary from Shop to Shop?

Several factors can cause variations in the price of a garment. These include the thickness of the fabric, the operation time required to process the garment, and the addition of features such as printing, embroidery, sublimation, tie-dye, and labeling. Additionally, the production quantity of a design directly impacts the price of a garment.

How big retails chains like Fashion Bug, Thilakawardena get stock?

Garment factories always maintain strong connections with big retail chains. They review samples from various factories and, if the price and design are appealing, they stock up on those items. Having a larger stock means that customers can find the items they have in mind and have a wide range of choices. This variety increases the likelihood that anyone who visits your shop will find something they want to purchase.

What should i do to non-moveable stocks?

To handle non-moveable stock, consider implementing attractive promotions such as “50% OFF!” or “Buy 2, Get 1 Free.” You could also set up a small booth or hut in front of your shop to draw attention and promote these items at cost. For example, you might display a sign that says “Any item 999/-” to entice customers. These strategies can help clear out slow-moving inventory and attract more customers to your shop.